...take[s] the necessary time to learn your business and help you make the best decisions, both legally and for business success.
— Field Garthwaite | Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Our sole mission is to empower clients.

Murphy Bova LLP assists startups, entrepreneurs, investors, small businesses, franchises and growth companies with their legal, organizational and business development needs.  We provide reliable counsel to assist our clients with creating business strategies, building effective organizations, improving operations, securing financing, negotiating their ordinary course business and franchise agreements and buying and selling businesses.  

The right corporate law firm will not only help guide you through legal issues, but will also play a key role in ensuring the success of your business.

The firm provides us invaluable legal and business counsel that continually exceeds our expectations. We consider them trusted resources who understand how innovative deals are structured.
— Merrill Squires & John von Stade | Founders

Think of us as trusted advisors and members of the team.

With over 20 years combined experience working for and with startups, entrepreneurs, small businesses and growth companies, we are uniquely positioned to provide quality legal and business counsel to help you achieve your goals.  

In other words, we can speak both the legal and business languages.

...an impressive knowledge and understanding of the franchise business... We cannot imagine moving on without them.
— Flavia Naslausky | Co-Chief Executive Officer | Summit 7 Holdings | Franchisee